All of our dance classes have a specific dress code to allow freedom of movement and create a uniform class presence.

Dance Attire (boys)

  • Ballet – Boys may wear a white close fitted t-shirt, black sport leggings and black ballet shoes
  • Jazz – Tight fitting black sport shirt and black jazz/sweat pants
  • Tap- Dance shirt, jazz pants and black split sole tap shoes (any brand).

Dance Attire (girls)

  • Ballet 1 & 2 – Black-cherry leotard*, Pink tights, Pink split-sole ballet shoes.
  • Ballet 3 & 4 -Black leotard, Pink tights, Pink split-sole ballet shoes.
  • Tap -Leotard with jazz pants/leggings/tights and black split sole tap shoes (any brand).
  • Modern – Black leotard, Black footless/convertible tights
  • Jazz – Black leotard, Black footless tights or jazz pants
  • Hip Hop – Close fitting t-shirt, and black jazz pants, crop pants or sweat pants. Jazz shoes or non – mark gym shoe.
  • Aerial Silks – Leotard, tight fitting pants or leggings, and tight fitting top that covers the armpits.

* Items marked with an asterisk must ordered with the form you’ll receive with your Class Confirmation Packet. Sent shortly after enrollment closes.

Please email us at info@trilogyculturalarts.org with any additional questions.

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