Dear Summer Camp Families

All of our camp staff at Trilogy is looking forward to planning a healthy great summer with each of you!! In light of our country opening, we are wanting to communicate our health and safety measures that are now in place for this summer. These measures may change according to changing government guidelines and CDC recommendations -- we will always do what is best to better serve our families.

Our New Building is A Healthy Environment

A blessing to Trilogy during this time has been the new facility we are now occupying! The facility has two very large warehouse spaces, a mezzanine space and a large studio space! We knew the building was spacious but the added benefit has been to allow great social distancing. Another added benefit of the warehouse spaces is the ability to open our huge new warehouse doors to allow air flow. This along with the two large fresh air fans, will allow us to circulate the air easily, bringing in fresh air to our facility as we feel needed, but no less than three times a day.

Health and Safety Standards for Classes, Camps, Gatherings and Events

Due to COVID-19 or any health standard set forth after and by government authority along with Trilogy Cultural Arts Centre will be strictly followed. This includes no sick persons may attend Trilogy Cultural Arts Centre events, classes, camps, shows or gathering, whether as a participant, staff, volunteer, or patron and including all such persons household. All such persons must also abide by Trilogy Cultural Arts Centre health standards set forth in confirmation packets information for each event, camp, class, show or gathering.

1. Hand washing and hand sanitizer - Trilogy will have ample supplies. Hand washing  and hand sanitizing before and after meals, bathroom use, will be mandatory and


2. Cloth masks for staff - Student masks are not mandatory but optional for your child and supported in consideration of family ease. Students who bring masks will need a

plastic storage bag to keep it in when not in use.

3. Regular disinfection of all surfaces-this will occur after leaving each area

4. Six-foot distance “if possible.” Head-to-toe positioning with bedding for over night camps only at The Imaginarium

5. As much outdoor air as possible — windows and warehouse doors will be regularly opened and fans will be used. Some, activities may occur outdoors.

6. Restricting mixing of groups; When at all possible we will assign each camp group one instructor who will stay with the group for the duration of the camp.

7. Restricting visitors, and staggering drop offs and pickups to reduce contact among parents and crowds during these traditionally busy times; All campers will be assigned a time to drop off and will be checked in before entrance to the building with a temporal thermometer for fever. Campers who have a fever or have other potential symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter.

8. All parents will be required to hand in a signed waiver for each day of camp.

9. Limiting the sharing of materials like art supplies or toys.

10. Disinfecting any items campers will need to touch in between use

11. Avoiding soft items or toys that can’t be easily disinfected

12. Stagger use of common areas like dining halls and disinfect in between groups.

13. Trilogy will only sell packaged snacks and drinks for day camps.

14. All students will be required to bring their own lunches for day camps.

15. Require each camper to have a bag of their own supplies that will include

but not limited to hand sanitizer, baggie for their mask if they bring one, water

bottle with name, snacks, hand wipes and lunch for each day.

16. All parent meetings will be via Zoom at 6pm the Sunday before camp.

17. Adjust operations based on local health data, CDC

recommendations and Kansas Department of Health

We feel this investment in new health protocol will not only be a help for

today but the future of Trilogy Cultural Arts Centre and our Country.

We are happy to go above and beyond for our children’s health

and safety so that they may continue to have a fulfilling life

enjoying what they do best in the arts!


Damon and Bridget Taylor

Donate to Trilogy Today

We have many students and programs that are supporter with help from our friends

Donate to Trilogy Today

We have many students and programs that are supporter with help from our friends