Many programs talk of creating the “Triple Threat” which means an individual is well versed in singing, dancing, and acting. At Trilogy, we believe while this is good, it isn’t enough. The most important element is missing: character/ leadership. At Trilogy we offer students and families an environment that emphasize these two in addition to singing, dancing, and acting.

Our students are known for their professionalism, commitment to their craft, and courtesy to others. We do not promote competition between them but rather support for each other, along with an internal drive to do and be their absolute best, with confidence. We train our students in discipline, endurance, vision, courage, and love.

The journey to become an artist, actor, vocalist, backstage crew, musician or technician takes not only talent, but discipline, endurance, vision, courage, love that equals strength of character. All of our students who achieve success work long hours and are dedicated to the growth of their talents. Most discover physical, mental, and emotional reserves they never knew they possessed.

The rewards are great; the mastery of a craft, the confidence of self-expression, and the sense of being a vital part of something bigger than yourself! Our students frequently achieve success, but that is not our goal: we want our young artists to still be applying their Trilogy training years after they have left us.

We’ve been investing in the lives and training of first class theatre-makers and their families for over ten years, but we haven’t stopped learning how we can do it better.

Our teachers draw upon their education and experience of the past and present to give our students the expertise to shape our culture and the world of tomorrow. Whether our students find success in the arts is not as important as that they find success in life, relationships, careers and community!

We believe each person is born for a called purpose and we are committed to the training and support of the artist to impart focus and refinement no matter what career path our student ultimately chooses.

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